IRN-BRU Carnival

IRN-BRU Carnival

When: 23rd December 2015 to 17th January 2016
Location: SECC

Tickets: £13 (includes 10 vouchers) Get Tickets

Come along to the Scottish Event Campus for plenty of festive family fun with Christmas favourite, the IRN-BRU Carnival!

A festive favourite, the IRN-BRU Carnival is back at the SECC, Glasgow from December 22nd 2021 until January 16th 2022. 

How do the vouchers work?

Each voucher is worth 1 ride. Yes, that’s right. Each & every ride in the hall
 only costs 1 voucher. If fancy playing the stalls, each stall game will cost 2 vouchers.

What rides are there?

This year’s carnival will be packed with over 60 fun attractions including fair ground favourites the Waltzers, Ghost Train, Fun House and the Dodgems.

For thrill seekers rides include Sea Storm, Speed Buzz, Dreams Liv and Midnight Express Matterhorn, while for younger visitors there is the best selection of kids rides ever, including Cups & Saucers, a Mini Train Ride and Juvenile Chairoplanes.

There will also be a fantastic selection of stalls including darts, basketball, hook a duck and penalty shoot out.

Entry and ride costs:

  • Entry price: £13 – includes 10 vouchers
  • Extra vouchers can be purchased in the hall
  • Bingo – £13 for 10 games (includes entry into the hall)
  • Free entry into the hall for Children aged 3 or under (vouchers required to ride)

For further information or to purchase vouchers click

Opening hours:

  • 22nd December,
  • 23rd December,
  • 24th December,
  • Closed Christmas Day
  • 26th December,
  • 27th – 30th December,
  • 31st December,
  • 1st January,
  • 2nd & 3rd January,
  • 4th to 10th January,
  • 11th to 15th January,
  • 16th January,
  • 17th January,

98 thoughts on “IRN-BRU Carnival

  1. The whining mentality of many people posting comments here is laughable! For those complaining that the cost is too high for their families, perhaps you should have considered that before you reproduced? Your lives must be so disappointing. Personally, am looking forward to the carnival this year, and the fact that the prices have been held at 2007 rates is commendable.

  2. the carnival is gna be great this year, im working at it this year gonna be bouncin, wristbands aint there because the showmen dont get a fair amount of money that way, tokens help them see how many riders came on the ride so they get the money they r entitled to 😀 x

  3. Wanty joost get the writbands back:'( :'( :'( `ya couple a fools! hehe kinnon man! but wanty joost get thum back? noone likes all that token crap……………aw the irn-bru carnival rules btw :DD! xxxx

  4. you shouldnt have to pay to get in if your not going on anything , they don’t realise how much its costing a family with kids by the time they pay parking tickets and food ! i go with my family & theres 4 of us that don’t go on anything yet we have to pay 10 pound each to get in i think it’s a complete joke and i won’t be going back this year i hope they consider this comment …..

  5. i love the ian bru carnival i went on evry ride because i am 13 i will be going this year i have went evry year.

  6. I am planning to go on monday 4/1, but dissappointed that because i live in west dunbartonshire with 3 kids, it will cost me more to get in.

    Its discrimination!!!!

  7. Chloe,

    It isn’t our carnival. Any complaints should be directed to Glasgow City Council and the SECC, as they are the organisers and the folks who run the carnival.

    Admin team

  8. I was planing on going to the carnival on the fifth but I go to a Renfrewshire school and we dont go back to school on the fifth so
    now I can’t go to the carnival at all because it doesnt open until five o’clock and I happen to be doing something at five o’clock so for the likes of people who go back to school on the sixth should be considerd in this account and from the seventh to the tenth is just not ideal.I am very dissappointed and will not be going to your carnival this year.

  9. love the dropper zone it is the best thing eva realy reccomend goin but eat somtin b4 u go wouldny reccomend the food lol x :P:P:P:P:P

  10. I have a North Ayrshire Young Scot Card.. Does it work?

    & Above, they’re not asking if it’s cheaper with a YS Card, they’re asking if it works x

  11. Hello.. I go to the carnival like every year and there’s always been wristbands.. So gutted there’s not any this year.. Oh well, still goin up wae ma friends.. 🙂 xx
    And for aw these stupid people asking all the questions like: is there any wrist bands and Is it cheaper if you have a youngscot card..
    READ THE TOP… ya twats.. Lmfao.. 🙂 xxx
    Love lauryn..x

  12. i think the irn bru crnaval should put the prices should go down lower and get more tickets out becuse people donot get tickets when they whant to get tickets and it is to late.

  13. thought the carnival this year was no where as good as last year’s !!
    why was there no top spin & why did they replace the stargate with a rubbish little one :\
    wasnt to pleased.
    still was good though.


  14. btw theree should be a ticket for non-riders ! maa friendd wantedd tae go but she saidd shes not paying to go on nothing !


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