Surge Festival

Surge Festival

surge-glasgow-merchant-city-festivalWhen: Saturday 25th July – Sunday 2nd August 2015
Location: Merchant City

Tickets: Free

This summer, SURGE Festival madness takes over Glasgow’s Merchant City in an extravaganza of unique and outlandish outdoor performances.

From the 25th of July until the 2nd of August, check out a whole host of crazy and unique outdoor performances by a wonderful bunch of performers.

All performances are outdoors and all are free!

Gijs Van Bon: Skryf  Follow Skryf as an almost irrelevant pile of sand creates the magic of words. Mon 27 & Tue 28 July 1.30pm – 5.30pm. Candleriggs Square.

Desparate Men: Slapstick & Slaughter  Two men explore Dadaism’s confrontation of the absurdity of war in this blackly comedic show. Wed 29 & Thurs 30 July 1pm & 5.30pm. Candleriggs Square.

Boom Booms & Eggmen: Waggle Dance  These adventurous bees invite you to join their fun, frolicking waggle dance around Merchant City. Sat 1 August 12pm, 2.30pm & 5.30pm. Walkabout throughout Merchant City.

Boom Booms: Showgirls  A mischievous trio of curvaceous and vivacious showgirls bringing flirty fun and a little anarchy. Sun 2 Aug 12pm & 3.30pm. Walkabout throughout Merchant City.

Eggmen: Cirque Du Kaka  Get ready, the world’s most bonkers circus is making its way to you. Sun 2 Aug 1pm & 3.30pm. Corner of Wilson Street and Hutcheson Street.

Fadunito: Baby  Innocence and demons struggle to dominate this wicked horned baby. Which side will win? Sun 2 Aug 2pm – 3pm. Walkabout throughout Merchant City.

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