Peter Pan – Clyde Auditorium

Peter Pan – Clyde Auditorium

Peter Pan SECCWhen: 12th December 2015 to 3rd January 2016
Location: Clyde Auditorium

Tickets: £16.60 to £26.70 Get Tickets

Scotland’s most successful panto rolls into Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium for another truly spectacular Christmas production, telling the swashbuckling tale of Peter Pan and starring the one and only David Hasselhoff as Hook!

The following information is for the 2014 panto. This page will be updated when details of the 2015 Peter Pan production are released.

John Barrowman and The Krankies have previously starred in Dick McWhittington, Aladdin, Robinson Crusoe & the Caribbean Pirates, Jack & the Beanstalk and this year will lead the cast in Cinderella alongside Glasgow’s own X-factor star Melanie Masson.

Cinderella is the most magical of all pantomimes and with John Barrowman as Buttons you can be sure of a breath-taking trip to the Ball!

The Armadillo pantomime always has unique special effects and a strong twist of local humour, and this traditional rags-to-riches fairy-tale will be brought magically to life on the Clyde Auditorium stage.

With spectacular special effects, amazing 3D sequences, stunning costumes and lots of audience participation this magical family show will be everything you would expect from Glasgow’s biggest pantomime.

10 thoughts on “Peter Pan – Clyde Auditorium

  1. Just back from seeing peter pan with my kids & family ?
    What an amazing performance. Highly recommend. Everyone played amazing parts. Michelle mcmanus who’s played mimi the mermaid was brilliant,what an amazing voice. Great show all round x

  2. Got taken to panto for a b’day treat..
    What a treat IT WAS!!! Sooooo funny, laughed the whole way through.But best part for me was the AMAZING Mr Barrowman.going back to see it again.Cant Wait.x

  3. I went to this at the weekend with my wife and in-laws . never having been a panto fan as a kid ( cos lets face it, they’re rubbish) , I am now a complete convert, although only if it has JB and The Krankies in it ! A show that works for both kids and adults, and points were I was almost crying with laughter . That;s it now firmly part of our xmas calendar

  4. Hi, i went last night with my family consisting of two young children age 7 and 4 years old; 4 adults and 1 teenager. As much as i and the adults enjoyed this, we did not however, think that it is a pantomime that is appropriate for young children and/or young teenagers for that matter, due to its reference’s to sexual innuendoes throughout the show.

    i do believe that as it is such a popular show, perhaps it may best be described as a adult pantomime? On a positive note, the singing was superb and the Crankies i believe stole the show.

  5. I went to see John Barrowman and the Krankies last night, I was so looking forward to it after seeing them last year in Jack and the Beanstalk. I was horrified as my young son kept asking me questions regarding the rude gestures and comments that Jimmy Krankie kept making, I think they seem to forget this is meant to be for children and when Jimmy Krankie put his finger through his/her trousers it was totally disgusting, I never really got the story as there was to much side tracking, I know it is a pantomime but it was a very bad experience for me and I don’t think I will be going next year, I love the pantomines they do and go every year and I expect some adult humour but last night was bang out of order for young viewers, and even when Jimmy sat on the knee and was told he was a naughty naught little boy, come on this was disturbing.

  6. I went today It was Totally Amazing! best panto i’ve ever seen, John Barrowman and the Krankies were so funny. The show was full of wonderful surprises throughout. The 3-D was brilliant although I was a bit freaked out by the wee spider ha ha. 🙂

  7. i went to see this yesterday it is by far the greatest panto ever. John is great in it and the krankies i was in tears watching it few times thought i was going to fall off my chair in laughter i want to see it again. If you can’t decide what what panto to see it has to be this one

  8. I’ve just booked my tickets, I’m so looking forward to taking my little boy to his first Christmas panto!

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