Christmas Lights Switch On

Christmas Lights Switch On

When: 17th November 2019
Location: George Square

Tickets: The ballot for tickets in now open.

Apply for Tickets

Wrap yourself and the kids up warm and head along for a special night in George Square in November 2019, for Glasgow’s annual Christmas Lights Switch On event.


This year you’ll be treated to a night of fun and frolics as George Square’s monuments and Christmas tree are lit up once again.

The final line-up and hasn’t been announced yet, but you will certainly enjoy the Christmas carol sing along, then join in the big countdown and watch the spectacular fireworks display!


Tickets for 2019 Christmas Lights Switch On in George Square will once again be being balloted again due to the previous few years’ phenomenal demand. You can apply here.

Only one entry is permitted per household, and there is a maximum of 6 tickets per household. The ballot will usually takes place in September / October.

Glasgowvant is not involved with any aspect of the management of the Glasgow Christmas lights switch on, this is managed and operated by Glasgow City council and Glasgow Loves Christmas.

192 thoughts on “Christmas Lights Switch On

  1. People moan every year no matter what way the tickets are allocated, there is just no pleasing some people. I was lucky enough to get tickets this year, first time in 3 years of trying and my daughter and friends are really excited to be going.

  2. I have been unsuccessful for another year. When I opened my email this evening I was gutted. Can you tell me if there are people who can no longer attend and give the tickets back how you decide who can get them. Or is there any site you know of that they may be posted on?
    Thank you

    1. There is no official website to get Christmas light “resells”. Glasgow city council / “Glasgow Loves Christmas” is who distributes the tickets, they have not made it clear what would happen to returned tickets.

    1. Exact times for 2014 Christmas lights switch on have not been released yet. In past years, activities in George Square have started around 6pm with the switch on and fireworks happening around 7.30pm.

  3. I think all tickets for xmas lights should go to all primary schools as xmas is for them not all kids get to see the lights.

  4. I wouldn’t bother going to Glasgow for the big light switch on its a farce with a ballot for tickets and the same people get them!! Families should head to paisley for a great day out I went with with daughter last year and she had a great time a Brill family day out !

  5. Hi every year I apply for Xmas lights and every year iam unsuccessfully. Iam disabled. And don’t get out much so I look forward to it but I keep geting. Let down it seems ballot is unfair as people that had them before are geting them again year after year it’s a disgrace something needs to be done to make it more fair

    1. oh just got an email telling me YET again I never got any tickets for this years lights it’s not right that our people who don’t stay in Glasgow can get them ever single year they don’t pay there council tax but these people still get them there’s something not right some where.

  6. Could you answer my query please does a child under 2 years of age need a ticket to get into Christmas light switch on. I was lucky enough to get tickets :):):):)

    1. In previous year the policy has been – all adults, children and babies must have a ticket to gain access to George Square.

      TWe don’t have the official ticket conditions for this years event. You can contact the organisers direct on 0141 287 8985, or email them at

  7. Hi I’ve been checking my e-mails every day and I still haven’t received a response on whether I’ve been successful enough this year. Can you please advise if all communications on successful or unsuccessful requests are out. Date today 21-10.

    1. Yes all emails should be sent out by now. Make sure you check your spam folder.
      The event is run by Glasgow Life / Glasgow City Council and they have advised If you haven’t received an email saying you are successful or not contact them on

  8. i feel they should go back to the way it used to be, you queue up for the tickets.

    The online ballot is a joke. Never thought i would say this, as a family we are boycotting the whole Glasgow event and going through to Edinburgh.( The Shame)

    1. You should have received an email with details of whether or not you have been successful. Check your spam folder if there is nothing in your inbox.

    2. ever year I put in for them & each year I still get nothing I still not heard if I’ve got any for this year I know someone who doesn’t even pay there council tax & each year they get them to me that’s a joke.

  9. Myself and 6 friends applied for tickets and not one of us got them.
    Surely addresses that got tickets last year should be taken out of ballot to allow other households a chance to get tickets.
    I’m sure there will be the money-grabbers selling tickets on ebay & Gumtree shortly. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. having balotted for tickets yet again, my fingers are crossed. have been coming to see the lights since my dad took me and now as a grandmother I would like to take my grandchildren.hundreds attended many years ago and nobody got injured or permanently lost so why the big deal now on crowd safety control?

    1. I’m sure Glasgow city council legally cannot have an open door policy for this event. If anything goes wrong due to overcrowding it would be blamed on them.

      Many years ago this event would not have been ticketed, but then again there was lots of things that we done years ago, that are simply not done today. The overwhelming demand for Christmas lights tickets shows that George Square could be filled many times more than safe levels.

  11. i think it is a disgrace that Glasgow City Council do not advertise the fact that the tickets will be balloted for. i am a resident of Galsgow and didn’t know that you had to put your name in the ballot before 30th September, i was so looking forward to taking my grandchildren to see the lights being switched on and now i cannot.

    it is a disgrace.

  12. Hi didn’t get my allocation of Xmas lights tickets as I’m a resident in merchant city and have been since 1997 my grandchildren are MASSIVELY disappointed lplease someone rectify this .
    William Johnston

  13. I was lucky enough to get tickets this year having been unsuccessful last year and feel it’ll be only fair for it to be another familys turn next year….don’t think it’s right to say having been several years in a row that the system is unjust….think of the people like me who would’ve loved to have gone previously, I notice the system’s only at fault when you miss out…

  14. Have come with a party of people for a number of years for the glasgow lights, costing a great deal of money in travel and accommodation. Don’t live in area, and I only have a limited internet access through college. Applying by telephone was the only way feasable for tickets. Paid for a weeks stay in Glasgow, and will not be at the switch on as unable to apply for tickets. Wonder if we will bother next year.


  15. Not good Glasgow City Council! What is the point of being on a mailing list if you are not e-mailed about the ballot. For the last 2 years I remembered about it too late so joined the mailing list hoping to be kept in touch. I just visited the site to discover I’m 2 weeks too late to even ENTER the ballot.

    bah humbug!!

  16. This is the 3rd year we have missed out – my daughter was 9 months and my son 3 when we last got tickets. It’s ridiculous the way the tickets are handled for this event. Also, I know a few people who dont have kids and instead of requesting just 2 for themselves, they request the maximum amount “just because they can and they are free” and have disposed of the leftover tickets (a family of 4 could have got them and had a wonderful family day out!! What does a ballot solve? Get it sorted………………

  17. YET AGAIN!!!!!! my family and i have missed out it just isn,t fair the only way we get tickets is STANDING in a que for HOURS !!!! it should be first come as the lady below says it isn,t our faults lazy ones won,t stand for tickets they obv don,t want them that much . we look forward to the switch on all year and now we won,t be going we are really dissapointed AGAIN .

  18. I am raging every year me and my daughter have went and stood in the rain for hours
    for tickets and im getting told this year i have been unlucky for the entry i think its a disgrace the way the tickets are getting given out its no ma fault people are 2 lazy to get out there beds and go and stand in ques the tickets are probably been given to people that like everything gave to them in there hands or the ones with money My son and gran kids cant wait till the switch on and this year after all the years ive been a need to tell them they cant go its supposed to light kids faces up but this year my son and gran kids faces wont be getting lit up

    1. I was lucky enough to get tickets this year, thankfully, but have missed out on tickets previously. I am not someone who likes everything given to me…..and i am certainly not someone with money.

      I don’t know if the ballot is a fair way of doing it, or if indeed it is better to have people queuing for the tickets, what I do know is, that no matter what way they do it, there will always be a finite amount of tickets, and there will always be people let down at the end of the day.

      I applied for the tickets and explained to my young daughter, that maybe we could go see the lights coming on, but we had to wait and see if we were lucky enough as there are so many people wanting to go. I feel it’s better for my daughter to understand that we are not guaranteed things in life.

      As for all those saying you are boycotting the event….why would you do that if you have tickets…..??? looking forward to going to the Square and it being empty as all these people boycotting it……makes me laugh!!!

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