Christmas Lights Switch On

Christmas Lights Switch On

When: 17th November 2019
Location: George Square

Tickets: The ballot for tickets in now open.

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Wrap yourself and the kids up warm and head along for a special night in George Square in November 2019, for Glasgow’s annual Christmas Lights Switch On event.


This year you’ll be treated to a night of fun and frolics as George Square’s monuments and Christmas tree are lit up once again.

The final line-up and hasn’t been announced yet, but you will certainly enjoy the Christmas carol sing along, then join in the big countdown and watch the spectacular fireworks display!


Tickets for 2019 Christmas Lights Switch On in George Square will once again be being balloted again due to the previous few years’ phenomenal demand. You can apply here.

Only one entry is permitted per household, and there is a maximum of 6 tickets per household. The ballot will usually takes place in September / October.

Glasgowvant is not involved with any aspect of the management of the Glasgow Christmas lights switch on, this is managed and operated by Glasgow City council and Glasgow Loves Christmas.

192 thoughts on “Christmas Lights Switch On

  1. I have been applying for these tickets since my son was three and he is now 21 I am extremely disappointed

  2. Hello 🙂
    We were lucky enough to get tickets this year but I was wondering what time the lights will be switched on? My youngest is 8 months so don’t want to be standing in the rain for too long!

    Thank you x

  3. Didnt recieve an e-mail but this morn g recieved tickets today! So so happy my grandkids are deighted! Cant wait havent been to the switch on in years! Thanks ticketmaster

  4. I’m looking for 4 tickets to take my kids to see the lights get put on once again this year we never got tickets after been trying 5 years in and never got again shame some people are selling them what’s wrong as they never paid for them of anyone has any going could you please mail me on Facebook with my name thanks x

  5. I won tickets and I confirmed with ticket master etc and yet I haven’t received them yet ? Is there a timescale ? And who is switching them on?

    1. You should contact ticketmaster. We have nothing to do with ticket issuing so I have no idea what the timescale is. Sorry.

  6. I’ve not received a email confirming if I’ve got ticket or not. Was wondering if us can tell me or not. Thanks

    1. Ticketmaster are the company dealing with the ballot. If there’s nothing in your spam folder or anywhere else you should contact them or the Glasgow Loves Christmas folks who are the organisers.

  7. Hiya Iv been wondering for a while now who is turning the lights on my family and I have recently won tickets and a couple of people have been telling me that Nicholas McDonald is turning them on but it’s just startting to bug me now

  8. I don’t get it. Is it not an out door event. Does it mean, I should not come to the event without ticket

  9. After several years of applying ,unsuccessfully,for tickets we received them on Monday. We live in Ayrshire so know how lucky we are to be among the 20% The children are thrilled to bits !
    I’d be delighted to learn how many tickets were released in total.
    Thanks again
    From the privileged few.

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