Still Game: Live

Still Game Glasgow19h September 2014 to 9th October 2014

Location: The Hydro

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Jack & Victor are back! Probably Scotland’s most popular comedy duo of recent times are set to make a comeback with a live stage version of Still Game at  the new Hydro arena in Glasgow. They will be joined by Winston, Isa, Naveed & Boabby!

We have not seen Jack & Victor since 2007 after Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill split their successful partnership when hit show Still Game finished its TV run. However, they have announced a reunion for a live stage show that will run for four six eight ten twelve nights at the 12,000 seat arena in September and October 2014.

I’m sure most of Glasgow will know who Jack & Victor are, but for those few folk unfamilar with the Still Game, Keirnan and Hemphill played Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade, two foul-mouthed pensioners spending their days disreputably in the fictional Glasgow housing scheme of Craiglang.

The show though would be mince without the amazing supporting cast, who will all be reunited for the live show. Pal Winston (Paul Riley), local busybody Isa (Jane McCarry), corner shop owner Navid (Sanjeev Kohli) and Boabby the barman at The Clansman (Gavin Mitchell).

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