Rob Drummond: Wrestling

9th – 13th February 2011

Location:  The Arches

Tickets:  £13 / £9 conc / £7 child

A spectacular new wrestling show at the Arches Theatre, Glasgow from Wed 9th – Sun 13th February.

Rob Drummond is a playwright used to performing in theatres across the country.  Damo, The Antagonist and The Mercenary are wrestlers used to being in the ring.  On 9th February, the two sides will collide as Drummond is slammed into the world of Scottish professional wrestling.

For the past several months, Rob – a lifelong wrestling fan – has been training at an unmarked lock-up in Linwood, Renfrewshire, with professional wrestlers and trainers from the Scottish Wrestling Alliance.  Head trainer at SWA’s Area 52 Wrestling School Damo O’Conor, training partner ‘The Antagonist’ James Tyler and wrestler and personal trainer ‘The Mercenary’ Joe Coffey have collectively held a dozen championships, gained tryouts with World Wrestling Entertainment and have worked across the country with the Scottish Wrestling Alliance.  Now, they’re facing a new challenge as they combine with Rob Drummond’s world of theatre.

Reflecting his childhood idols, Rob’s grown a beard and a full mane of hair and seems to be getting in pretty good shape for his opening performance – a spectacular show which fuses theatre, short film and pro wrestling.  He’s had a few injuries so far as he’s learned the painful reality of wrestling, but with the voice of his ultimate idol Mick Foley in his head, he’s determined to be fighting fit for the opening night.


  • Wed-Fri: 7:30pm
  • Sat + Sun: 1:30pm

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