Horror Classic Film Night

31st October 2015
Location: Britannia Panopticon Music Hall
Tickets: Free Get Tickets

Enjoy a classic 1920’s silent horror movie this Halloween, with live music and sound effects in the Britannia Panopticon!


Turn up to the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall as your favourite horror movie character and enjoy a classic silent horror film, featuring live music and sound effects by Gladstone’s Bag.

On Saturday the 31st of October, come along and see the classic 1920’s Danish horror, Häxan, written and directed by Benjamin Christensen. A spine tingling horror from the age of silent film!

A hybrid of documentary and fiction, this silent film explores the history of witchcraft, demonology and satanism. It shows representations of evil in a variety of ancient and medieval artworks, offers vignettes illustrating a number of superstitious practices and presents a narrative about the persecution of a woman accused of witchcraft.

Presented by Gladstone’s Bag who will, of course, be providing live musical accompaniment and sound effects.

Show begins at 7pm. ADMISSION IS FREE! But it is suggested that you leave a donation towards the Britannia Panopticon conservation fund.