Glasgow Visitors Guide

The City of Glasgow is the largest in Scotland, and is one of the UKs most vibrant and cosmopolitan destinations. With an impressive heritage of both Victorian and modern architecture along with its wealth of cultural attractions and activities, Glasgow welcomes more than 3 million visitors every year, from all over the globe.

Around Glasgow, ancient buildings and historical streets and monuments relate a fascinating and influential past. This can be explored in the city’s numerous museums, many of which have free admission.

Glasgow also hosts world famous art collections and more than 70 parks and gardens. The “greenness” of the city is reflected in its name; the word Glasgow actually means ‘dear green place’.

Glaswegians are well known for their hospitality, friendliness and sociability; so much so that Glasgow has a reputation for being the friendliest city in the world.

Having produced some of the most celebrated artists of recent years, Glasgow is a hotbed of musical talent, and the city’s appetite for music makes Glasgow top of the list for all touring artists.

Glasgow is abundant with restaurants, pubs, clubs of all types, cinemas and theatres, and its boundless nightlife is renowned within, and outside the UK.  In addition to all of this, Glasgow also boasts the best shopping in the UK outside of London.

With its mixture of old and new, Glasgow truly is one of Europe’s most beautiful and exciting cities.

Glaswegian Dictionary
Glaswegians are reknowned for their unique vocabulary.  We have been informed by some visitors (even those whose first language is English), that it can be difficult to understand certain Glaswegian words and phrases.  In our dictionary you will find a comprehensive collection of these words and phrases which we hope will help you out during your visit to Glasgow.
Travel Guide
We know how difficult it can be to find your way around a brand new city with which you have no experience. In fact, it can even be quite difficult to find your way around one you know pretty well. So we have created our very own Travel Guide, with information for visitors and locals alike.
Facts and figures
This section does exactly what it says on the tin.  If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Glasgow’s population, demography, economy or heraldry, this is the place to look.
Weather and climate
Contrary to popular belief, Glasgow is actually not the coldest, most miserable place in the UK.  It’s actually quite mild most of the year.  But the weather also tends to be rather unpredictable.  With our guide to the weather, you won’t be unprepared!  We have also created some informative graphs of various climate variables for your viewing pleasure.