When: 21st June 2022
Location: SWG3

Tickets: from £38.50 Get Tickets

Tremonti are the melodic thrash metal forged in the fires of Creed and Alter Bridge. Coming to Glasgow’s SWG3 for one night only on the 21st June 2022.

Voted one of the greatest heavy metal guitarists of all time. Mark Tremonti has been juggling two seminal bands for the last decade.

Founding Creed in 1994, he helped usher in a new wave of music that took post-grunge rock to the top of the charts. Winning a Grammy, picking up a dozen imitators and selling over 53 million records worldwide before the band went on hiatus in 2012. Already riding high with sister band Alter Bridge when Creed split. Tremonti still found the time to launch yet another ambitious band.

Originally started as a speed metal side solo project. Tremonti quickly grew into a major collaboration to house the music that didn’t sit comfortably in either Creed or Alter Bridge. Heavier, more melodic and pushing towards the harder fringes of thrash. Recruiting ex-Creed bandmates Eric Friedman and Brian Marshall, Mark Tremonti added Garrett Whitlock to form the band’s first line-up. 

Tremoniti released their first album, All I Was, in July 2012. The recording was squeezed into the downtime between tours with Alter Bridge. Lead single You Waste Your Time immediately jumped to No.10 on the iTunes Rock Songs Chart. The album’s heavier classic metal feel won over Creed fans who were worried the new band wouldn’t live up to the hype. 

Wolfgang Van Halen replaced Marshall after the album came out. Mark Tremonti took a year out to record Alter Bridge’s Fortress. But the band regrouped again in 2014 to work on two back-to-back albums. Released a year apart, 2015’s Cauterize and 2016’s Dust became statement records for Tremonti. Rallying their old fanbase behind their new sound as a string of hit singles landed in the Billboard Top 200. 

A Dying Machine arrived in 2018 just as Tremonti kicked off a major European tour supporting Iron Maiden. This was just before Whitlock was replaced by Ryan Bennett on drums. Another Alter Bridge record (Walk The Sky) kept Tremonti fans waiting for a few years. But their fifth LPMarching In Time was finally released in September 2021.

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