IRN-BRU Carnival

IRN-BRU Carnival

When: 23rd December 2015 to 17th January 2016
Location: SECC

Tickets: £13 (includes 10 vouchers) Get Tickets

Come along to the Scottish Event Campus for plenty of festive family fun with Christmas favourite, the IRN-BRU Carnival!

A festive favourite, the IRN-BRU Carnival is back at the SECC, Glasgow from December 22nd 2021 until January 16th 2022. 

How do the vouchers work?

Each voucher is worth 1 ride. Yes, that’s right. Each & every ride in the hall
 only costs 1 voucher. If fancy playing the stalls, each stall game will cost 2 vouchers.

What rides are there?

This year’s carnival will be packed with over 60 fun attractions including fair ground favourites the Waltzers, Ghost Train, Fun House and the Dodgems.

For thrill seekers rides include Sea Storm, Speed Buzz, Dreams Liv and Midnight Express Matterhorn, while for younger visitors there is the best selection of kids rides ever, including Cups & Saucers, a Mini Train Ride and Juvenile Chairoplanes.

There will also be a fantastic selection of stalls including darts, basketball, hook a duck and penalty shoot out.

Entry and ride costs:

  • Entry price: £13 – includes 10 vouchers
  • Extra vouchers can be purchased in the hall
  • Bingo – £13 for 10 games (includes entry into the hall)
  • Free entry into the hall for Children aged 3 or under (vouchers required to ride)

For further information or to purchase vouchers click

Opening hours:

  • 22nd December,
  • 23rd December,
  • 24th December,
  • Closed Christmas Day
  • 26th December,
  • 27th – 30th December,
  • 31st December,
  • 1st January,
  • 2nd & 3rd January,
  • 4th to 10th January,
  • 11th to 15th January,
  • 16th January,
  • 17th January,

98 thoughts on “IRN-BRU Carnival

  1. I first went too the carnival,👁Think maybe “1987”would have been my first/maybe second tim,was already fantastic then,sticky wall being my favourite,as I’m a bit of a woose when it came too the bigger rides,remember also wasting loads of pound coins in the arcade zones playing double dragon,and shinobi and the likes,while all my cousins from possil would be running around fighting with people’s from other housing schemes,the good ol days,I’d reccomend the carnival too anybody,any age,within boundary,I’m going back as a 36yr old nearly married man this time,CANT WAIT❕✌🏾️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🆒😁

  2. Going this Sat with my grandchildren 2years6years and a11year old go every year and looking forward to it good pick me up after class

  3. I have not been to the irn bru carnival before and would love to but i heard it finishes today because of the wearther and would lile to no if that is trure or not

  4. Just back from the carnival, and it was just like every year……large queues at every ride! I went with my mother & 5y/o son, so we had 30 tickets…… I still have 15!!! Due to this stupid ticket thing people are coming off a ride then just joining the queue again (either cause it’s cheap or to use up the tickets) which means alot of people aren’t getting rides! Can’t we just pay a small fee to get in then pay the appropriate (cash) price per ride!!!

  5. I went recently with my husband and two kids (1 under 3
    years old) and I was disgusted that I had to pay £10.00 to get in
    when I don’t go on any rides. They should have a reduced rate that
    if you are not going on any rides then you shouldn’t have to pay
    the full amount. Basically I paid £10 for myself to walk around and
    watch my eldest on the rides. We didn’t even use all the vouchers
    as my eldest is only 5 and only certain rides he was allowed on due
    to his size. The prices should be revised for next year, as I love
    to watch my kids have fun but not at £10 a go.

  6. Well I’ve gone to the Irn Bru Carnival every year since I
    moved to Scotland and I think that the rides are great and it isn’t
    too expensive. I have a Young Scot’s Card which I use and therefore
    spending just £5 for 10 rides is plenty for me and not too

  7. Haven’t been for a few years but planning on a trip there
    on Monday. Are there plenty of rides for my 2 year old? I have to
    say I’m quite embarrassed by some of the comments, just because
    (like me) you’re from Glasgow doesn’t mean you need to speak like
    Rab C!

  8. I can’t wait for the Irn Bru Carnival, The idea of using
    Young Scot cads etc for cheap is great! thanks for the info

  9. a love the carnival! cant wait to go with my
    friend i think it will be dead good:D think its a bit rubbish the
    east renfrewshire young scot cards don’t work tho;/ but im looking
    forward to goin!

  10. i think its ridiculise u need to pay 10 quid wen ur not
    going on anything but my kids love it so cant really avoid it but
    theirs no need 4 that they must make a bomb anyway its just sheer
    greed :/

  11. i think u shoundnt need to pay if u dont go on anything and
    to u tom having children is the most amazing thing and these
    children will b the next tax payers looking after u think about

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