Southside Fringe Festival

Southside Fringe Festival

The Southside Fringe Festival is back in May 2016 for another fantastic programme of music, art, drama and cultural events!


The Southside Fringe Festival will return on Friday the 13th May 2016 for a week of music, dance, culture, comedy, arts and drama. All with an emphasis on Southside performers!

In 2008 Queens Park hosted the first ever Southside Festival, which attracted over 8,000 people on the day of the main festival.  Last year the festival attracted over 15,000 visitors on what had to be one of the best days of the year.

Arranged by the community for the community, the Southside Festival is a celebration of everything which is great about the Southside of Glasgow. The Festival aims to celebrate the cultural diversity and community spirit of this unique area of the city.

This year the Festival takes place from the 13th until the 29th of May.  The festival will kick off at 11am with a parade through the streets of the Southside, winding its way to the park where the festival will be opened by a special guest and the festivities will begin.

A huge variety of acts will be performing on the different stages of the Southside Festival.  There will also be a large number of workshops, including circus workshops, drumming workshops and a number of different dance workshops.  On the boating pond the planned activities include sailing, kayaking and a model ship club, whilst on dry land you can take part in archery, rugby, mountain biking, lawn bowling and health walks.

For a full list of what’s happening throughout the weekend and in the weeks leading up to the main event visit the Southside Festival website.

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