Scottish Ballet’s Hansel & Gretel

Scottish Ballet’s Hansel & Gretel

Hansel and Gretel Theatre Royal10th December 2013 to 28th December 2013

Location: Theatre Royal Glasgow

Scottish Ballet is excited to unveil the world premiere of Christopher Hampson’s fantastical Hansel & Gretel, his first full length ballet for the Company, at the Theatre Royal Glasgow this December.

This tasty Christmas treat is a delightfully inventive brand new Hansel& Gretel and takes creative twists and turns inspired by the Grimm Brother’s famous fairy-tale and the stories and imagination of the people of Scotland.

Hansel & Gretel is full to the brim with magic and wit; with toys that come to life and a beautiful bewitching ballerina who is not at all as she seems. Scrumptiously surreal and with more than a sprinkle of festive magic, take an enchanting journey with Scotland’s national dance company this winter.

Once upon a time there was a town where children had mysteriously been disappearing ever since the arrival of a new teacher at the local school. The children seemed to like her and they especially liked the seemingly endless supply of sweets she gave them … there are now only two children left in the town, Hansel and Gretel …

Choreography: Christopher Hampson
Music: Engelbert Humperdinck – The evocative score is performed live by the Scottish Ballet orchestra.

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