Robert Plant presents Saving Grace

Robert Plant presents Saving Grace

When: 6th November 2022
Location: King’s Theatre, Glasgow

Tickets: £45.40 Get Tickets

Saving Grace, the musical collective featuring former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. Coming to Glasgow’s King’s Theatre on 6th November 2022.

The opening track of Saving Grace’s set, Undone In Sorrow, illustrates perfectly the nature of the evening’s performance. The impact of sensitive arrangements and dynamics that can be produced when a talented cooperative congregate.

Suzi Dian takes the lead vocal line with its euphoric quality resonating round The King’s. Executing a steady yet emotive crescendo and diminuendo in unity with the rest of the band.

The five musicians work in glorious harmony from start to finish. Reworking a selection of diverse cover versions that have been collected from various places. Thus creating a musical journey in its truest form.

Tickets are on sale now for Robert Plant presents Saving Grace featuring Suzi Dian and will start at £45.40 for the cheapest seats and go up to £45.40 for the most expensive. The first performance will be on the 6th November 2022. The last show will be on the 6th November 2022. Get your tickets today!

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