When: 18th April 2023
Location: OVO Hydro

Tickets: from £43.80 Get Tickets

Sabaton the Swedish power metallers with a great love of military history are back! Coming to Glasgow’s OVO Hydro on 18th April 2023.

Sabaton were formed in 1999 in Falun, Sweden. The power metal quintet, whose lyrical content revolves around the history of war. Cut their chops by issuing a couple demos and performing in small clubs. In 2002, they travelled to Italy to record the album Metalizer for an indie label. But two years passed and it wasn’t released.

In 2004, frustrated and eager to get a debut out, Sabaton went back to square one, recording a demo called Panzer Battalion. Although several labels contacted them, no deals were signed. Instead the band members decided to record their debut Primo Victoria, which is Latin for ”victory first”using their own money.

The independent Swedish label Black Lodge took notice and signed them. Within a year, the nine-song album was popular not only in Scandinavia but also throughout Europe.

Sabaton returned to the studio and their third album Attero Dominatus arrived in 2006, becoming one of the best-selling metal albums in Sweden that year. With two successful albums under their belt, they were finally able to negotiate the release of Metalizer in 2007. It reached the No.1 spot on the Swedish hard rock charts. This led to an extensive headline tour throughout 20 European countries that included a slew of summer festivals.

Launching their own festival

In 2008, the band also launched their own festival, Sabaton Open Air, in their hometown of Falun. Plus the floodgates opened on their musical output with five more albums being unveiled across the next decade: 2008’s The Art Of War, 2010’s Coat Of Arms, 2012’s Carolus Rex, 2014’s Heroes and 2016’s The Last Stand.

The faces of Sabaton have changed over the years. The current line-up features original members Joakim Brodén on lead vocals and Pär Sundström on bass. Along with guitarists Chris Rörland and Tommy Johannson, and drummer Hannes van Dahl.

The band’s ninth album The Great War came out in 2019 and marked the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. Its songs – from Fields Of Verdun and The Red Baron to Seven Pillars of Wisdom – covered stories from the war. Also in 2019, the band began their own history channel on YouTube called Sabaton History to delve into the background of all their songs.

In May 2021, they released the single Defence Of Moscow, a cover of the Russian song by Radio Tapok. Sabaton also announced a headline UK tour for March 2022.

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