1st – 17th March 2012

Location:  The Tron Theatre

Tickets:  £7-£15

Then punishment.
That’s how it’s supposed to work.
Then.  And now.

In a non-descript budget hotel room, a grieving father prepares to leap to his death as a high profile press event gets underway across the road. Twenty years before, his son William was killed in a terrorist attack on an aeroplane.  Mr Peters has been picking up the pieces ever since, clinging on to the fragments of memories, the childhood imaginings that have become the only salve for his anger.

With Jon Snow in the lobby, a former justice minister making last-minute changes to his speech, and an abandoned bird perch at the window, can bellboy Maller talk her old teacher down from the ledge; or will the mystery bird carry him off in an epic, unimaginable rescue?

Cast in the lead role of Mr Peters is Sylvester McCoy, whose acting credits include the role of Radagast the Brown in Peter Jackson’s forthcoming Hobbit movies; the seventh incarnation of Doctor Who in the cult BBC series, and raft of theatre productions from companies such as the RSC, National Theatre & Welsh National Opera.  The cast also includes Gemma McElhinney of award winning Monster in the Hall (Citizens’/TAG) and Finn Den Hertog.

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