Nae Fireworks

Nae Fireworks

When: 5th November 2022
Location: Whitelee Wind Farm

Tickets: no ticket required

We’re pleased to say the ‘Nae Fireworks’ event is returning this year on 5th November 2022 to Whitelee Windfarm!

Time – 5pm – 11pm

Cost – Free

So if you’ve got a nervous dog who’s scared of fireworks and you’re looking for somewhere quiet to get away to and walk them, our Nae Fireworks event is here to help. Staff will be on site to manage the event and do our very best to maintain a firework-free zone.

Fireworks are not permitted at Whitelee windfarm. They pose a danger to site infrastructure. They can cause peatbog fires that can burn for years. As well as distress to the site’s wildlife and livestock. So please don’t bring them.

Staff will be on patrol to prevent the use of fireworks but we cannot completely guarantee this. The sound of fireworks can travel a great distance and may sometimes be heard even when set off miles from the windfarm, so we recommend that dogs are kept on leads.

If you see someone entering site with fireworks please let a member of staff know or call 0141 614 0962.

Visit Whitelee Wind Farm for more information.

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