Club Noir: Viva Las Elvis

Club Noir: Viva Las Elvis

When: 28th May 2016
Location: Classic Grand

Tickets: £15.50 Get Tickets

Club Noir brings its very own taste of Elvis to Glasgow’s Classic Grand this summer!


Club Noir is back in Glasgow’s Classic Grand this year on the 28th of May for a glamorous and fabulous show celebrating everything Elvis!

Performances not listed yet, but previous shows have included:  ‘Red Rose’ by Millicent Binks; Italian Opera – a trio of charismatic male singers from Scottish Opera; Colette Neil – the Diva with the enormous voice; Shadows – Luke Amour, coryphée ballet dancer; Masked Revelry – a sparkling pink 18th century fan dance by Salome; Striptease – but not as you’d expect, by Crimson Curves plus oh so much more.

Doors: 9pm (curfew: 3am)

Dress code: Dress up. Anything goes. No jeans or trainers. No tacky fancy dress.  Management reserve the right to refuse admission.

18+ only

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