Christmas Market

Christmas Market

When: 13th November to 20th December 2015
Location: Argyle St

Tickets: Free

The Festive market is returning to St Enoch Square this Christmas, bringing a selection of products and flavours from around the globe!



Returning to St Enoch Square this Christmas, the festive market will be operating every day from Friday 13th November to Sunday 20th December 2015.

If stressing in overcrowded shopping centres, lugging bags like a pack-horse, tripping over buggies and fighting over the last box of Christmas crackers sounds like a big Christmas nightmare, why not try a shopping trip with a difference.

The much anticipated Christmas Market is to be home to many continental traders from across the globe, bringing a selection of products and flavours, traditional to their origin countries including France, Germany, Spain Italy and many more!

The market is a real Global affair with professional traders from as far afield as Ecuador, Russia and one special visitor all the way from Lapland; well, the Finnish part of Lapland. Mixed with a huge array of traders from around Europe the Glasgow Christmas market will be a real Global affair.

As well as a gourmets delight, customers can while away an hour or two at the wonderful Gluhwein House operated by Markus Kochems from the Mosel valley. Kochems are listed in the top 100 wine producers in the World. As well as the Gluhwein you can also sample some of bavarias favourite beers at the Bavarian bar. Add all the gifts crafts and very unusual presents to buy and you won’t forget your visit to the Glasgow Christmas Market.

Christmas markets are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, inspired by those in Germany and Eastern Europe.  Traders from all over the continent come to sell their wonderful wares, from tasty treats to beautiful arts and crafts including jewellery, hats & gloves, candles and ornaments, and unusual toys.

The markets are not just an opportunity to shop, but also to get into the Christmas spirit: take an evening trip, wrapped up in your winter woollies and get some mulled wine.


Opening hours

  • Mondays to Wednesday: 10.00am – 8.00pm
  • Thursday to Saturday: 10.00am – 9.00pm
  • Sundays: 10.00am – 6.00pm

10 thoughts on “Christmas Market

  1. I tried to contact the organisers and the catcha at the bottom kept saying I was getting incorrect?

    Is there any other way to contact them?

  2. Hi,

    I love the German market in Glasgow, it’s something I look forward to every year. Granted it could have a lot more stalls compared to other countries/cities markets i’ve been to but they’ve done the best the can in the space they’ve been given!

    What date will the market be in Glasgow/Edinburgh this year!?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Well i think Sophie n Muir are talking nonsense!! the
    market (as far as i remember) is in the square at St Enochs which
    is covered in fun quirky stalls and then further along argyle
    street there is more so stop bloody grumbling!!! It hardly says
    that its a market with thousands of stalls – its rustic and inimate
    and very Scottish so shut up an go elsehwere!

  4. well… this can hardly be called a xmas market… there are so few stalls ! 3 or 4 stall to eat, 2-3 jewellery, 1 hat and scarves, 2 other things…

    I went to see it last week and would not waste anymore time going there… if you want to see a proper xmas market, go see the one in edinburgh… at least you’ll have a choice of stalls and proper gofts to buy…

    please do better next year !

  5. I was not really aware that they do Christmas Markets in the UK, I have been to the german christmas markets before a few times. I am in the UK this Decemeber, really looking forward to seeing one here.

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