Eddie Izzard – Wunderbar

Eddie Izzard – Wunderbar

When: 2nd October 2019 to 6th October 2019
Location: Kings Theatre

Tickets: £13.00 to £44.00 Get Tickets

Two-time Emmy award winner Eddie Izzard is back on tour in the UK. He is bringing his Wunderbar tour to Glasgow for 5 nights in October this year.

eddie Izzard Glasgow

Five years after his last comedy tour FORCE MAJEURE made comedy history having played 45 countries including all 50 US States AND in four languages, making it the most extensive comedy show ever, EDDIE is back to his roots with an all-new show which expands on his own very unique, totally surreal view of life, love, history and his ‘theory of the universe.’

His comedy style is expressed in rambling, whimsical monologue and self-referential pantomime.  Eddie only very rarely performs his stand up on TV, as he thinks that it uses up material at too high a rate (whereas stage material can be continually re-used in front of different audiences for several months), so his stand up is always kept fresh and funny.

As one of the UK’s best loved stand-ups it is no wonder that Eddie Izzard tickets are always amongst the most highly sought after.  Whenever he takes his latest material out on the road Eddie Izzard tickets fly off the shelves.

So don’t miss this often left-field but always hilarious stand up, get your Eddie Izzard tickets here, now!

The -London Sunday Times has called him “the greatest British standup comedian of his generation”. This comedian, actor, and transvestite has bewitched the world of comedy with a kitschy, campy, and cunning mix while adding a bit of British flair to American humor, and it’s brilliant.

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