Crowded House

Crowded House

When: 10th June 2022
Location: OVO Hydro

Tickets: from £39.75 Get Tickets

Crowded House are the NZ pop rockers with a string of hits in the ’80s and ’90s. Coming to Glasgow’s OVO Hydro on the 10th June 2022.

By the mid ’80s, Kiwi institution Split Enz were beginning to wind down. During his short tenure with the band, Neil Finn (brother of Enz frontman Tim) had already staked out a reputation as a formidable songwriter with an extraordinary melodic knack. That reputation would only gather momentum with his new project: Crowded House.

Where it all began

Formed in Melbourne in 1985. The band was initially named The Mullanes and featured Neil Finn alongside his ex-Split Enz bandmate Paul Hester (drums). Along with Nick Seymour (bass) and Craig Hooper (guitar). Hooper’s tenure proved short, but the remaining trio headed off to America in search of fame and fortune. They returned to their homeland with a new name and a contract with Capitol Records.

Their self-titled debut was initially viewed as a disappointment. Crowded House felt unsupported by their label, so they took matters into their own hands. Building up their own hype via small acoustic shows and charming appearances on the chat show circuit. Two Top 10 singles (Don’t Dream It’s Over and Something So Strong) later and sales of the album looked much healthier.

The band returned in 1988 with their follow-up The Temple Of Low Men. Despite critical praise, the considerably darker record stalled on the outer reaches of the Top 40. By the following year, Crowded House appeared to be in ruins.

Things began to go wrong

Finn consoled himself by teaming up with his brother to write and record what was supposed to become the first Finn Brothers album. Instead, the majority of the material became a new Crowded House record. With Tim now installed as a full member of the band. Woodface arrived in 1991. It provided the band with two of their biggest hits in Fall At Your Feet and Weather With You.

It was during the ensuing tour that things started to splinter, just as the group was at its highest point in the UK and Europe. Tim recognised that his role in the band’s live performances was somewhat redundant and departed the band. American Mark Hart joined on guitar and the altered line-up released Together Alone in 1993.

A final farewell

Shortly afterwards, Paul Hester departed the band and Neil began to devote more time to projects outside Crowded House. Eventually, in 1996, he announced that the band was no more. A final farewell show at Sydney Opera House was attended by over 100,000 people.

Neil Finn continued as a solo artist as well as finally getting around to a Finn Brothers record. In 2005, Paul Hester died by suicide after a long-standing battle with depression.

Making a come back

In 2007, Finn restarted Crowded House with Nick Seymour, Mark Hart and a new drummer, Matt Sherrod. The new-look quartet released two albums, 2007’s Time On Earth and 2010’s Intriguer. The band went on hiatus again while Finn spent time deputising for Lindsey Buckingham in Fleetwood Mac.

Crowded House returned with another refreshed line-up in 2019, this time consisting of Finn’s sons Liam and Ellroy, original bassist Nick Seymour and Mitchell Froom (who had produced their first three albums). Following two new singles Whatever You Want and To The Island, the band announced Dreamers Are Waiting, their first new album in ten years, released in June 2021.

A run of UK dates was initially announced for 2020, but all were rescheduled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In early 2021, Crowded House announced their UK dates were being moved to June 2022.

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