Rapunzel @ the Citizens Theatre

Rapunzel @ the Citizens Theatre

When: 28th November 2015 to 3rd January 2016
Location: Citizens Theatre

Tickets: £14 – £18.50/£8 – £11 Get Tickets

This year, the Citizens Theatre are celebrating the festive season with the colourful, fun and exciting tale of Rapunzel!


This funny madcap story of Rapunzel, with a bit spookiness added in is a production from the Citizen’s Theatre that the whole family can enjoy this Christmas.

A funny, foolish, madcap story, with a darkly mischievous side, that the whole family can enjoy together this Christmas. A story about knowing when to let go and the challenges that come with finding your place in the world.

Rapunzel’s hair is out of control. It doesn’t matter what she does with it, it’ll never stay in one place. As Rapunzel comes of age, her loving but overbearing mother locks her in a tower to protect her from the world beyond their garden. But, like her hair, Rapunzel is not one to be contained. With the help of a wild pig, her hapless lover, and some bumbling criminal types, Rapunzel will put her world, and the world beyond, to rights.

The colours and chaos of the blooming garden surrounding Rapunzel’s tower burst into the beautiful auditorium of the Citizens Theatre, created by the design team behind the 5-starA Christmas Carol. An abundance of colourful characters run amok through the sunny Italian countryside, played by a motley troupe of actors performing original songs and music live on stage.

Tickets are available from the Citizens Theatre website.

2 thoughts on “Rapunzel @ the Citizens Theatre

  1. Beauty and the beast at the citizens was a brilliant show,
    all actors put on outstanding performances, the stage and scenery
    were fabulous, the party I was with all enjoyed it immensely but it
    was such a disappointing end, don’t want to ruin it for anyone who
    hasn’t seen it but you will know what I mean if you go see it, I
    would still recommend though.

    1. hi there. i went to see the pantomime on the 21st december and i cant remember the characters name, do you know them?

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