Snow Pals at The Tron Theatre

Snow Pals at The Tron Theatre

When: 28th November to 31st December 2015
Location: Tron Theatre

Tickets: £6-£8 Get Tickets

Snow Pals is this year’s Christmas production for little ones from the Tron Theatre.


This year the Tron Theatre is offering up a lovely warming winter story of friendship for children aged 3-6yrs. 

Imagine living in winter wonderland. Shimmering white snowflakes as far as the eye can see. A big soft blanket of snow ready and waiting for friends to have snowball fights, go sleigh-rides and build snowmen. How cool would that be?

But what happens when your friendship frosts over? It is sNOw joke when you fall out with your best buddy. It’s kind of lonely having sNOw pals.

A warming winter tale about how cool friendships can really be.

This production is a lovely way to introduce the little ones to the theatre, and great way for young children to join in a wonderful Christmas tradition.

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