Alan Carr – Regional Trinket

Alan Carr – Regional Trinket

When: 10th July 2022 & 11th July 2022
Location: King’s Theatre, Glasgow

Tickets: £26.50 Get Tickets

The English comedian, broadcaster and writer Alan Carr, is bringing his latest entitlement of comedy “Regional Trinket” to Glasgow. See the chatty man in Glasgow’s Kings theatre in July 2022.

From the exhilarating high of his star-studded wedding day to the low of lockdown stuck on a farm, a lot has changed since Alan’s last tour four years ago, including Alan. Nowadays, it’s all about finding happiness and joy in the small things – why be a national treasure when you can be a Regional Trinket?!

Tickets are on sale now for Alan Carr – Regional Trinket and will start at £26.50 for the cheapest seats and go up to £26.50 for the most expensive. The first performance will be on the 10th July 2022 and the last show will be on the 11th July 2022. Get your tickets today!

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