Zest: Glasgow’s Kids Summer Holiday Programme

Summer Holidays 2010

Admission:  Depends on event

Location:  Locations  situated around Glasgow

Are you trying to find something to do with your kids during the long 9 weeks of summer holidays?  Do you want to get your kids out and about enjoying the summer rather than moping around the house under your feet?

Well Glasgow’s Zest Summer Holiday Programme is just the thing, with hundreds of events planned for kids throughout the summer.

The programme is aimed at kids from 5-18 years (but some are for kids aged 3 and up), with activities and events varying by age and area.  There are so many activities that it really would be impossible to mention them all, but some of them include basketball, athletics camp, arts and crafts, karate, dance, music, pool fun, badminton, music lessons, a petting zoo and street art.  There are also a huge selection of fitness classes aimed at kids from ages 14 upwards.

The activities are spread throughout the whole of Glasgow, so you will almost definitely be able to find something within your area.  If you are looking for something in particular, then you may need to travel a bit further afield, since some activities are only present in one area (depending on space and coaching availability).

To make things even better, many of the activities are free if your kid has a Young Scot Card!  The rest generally cost no more than £3, which is still a bargain.

With all this going on, Glasgow’s Zest Holiday Programme looks to be the best summer activity programme yet for kids in all areas of the city.

For more information and to search for activities in yor area or age group, visit the Zest Holiday Programme website.