The Forgotten Island

22nd July – 18th September 2011

Location:  Yorkhill Quay

Tickets:  £6

A new outdoor experience for children and families on the banks of the Clyde!

Attention Families! Explorers Needed!

I’ve been working with children in Glasgow to assist me in finding the location for The Forgotten Island.  Now in order for the island to continue to grow it needs you!

There is much to be done: spaces to explore and hide in; adventures to play and create; landscapes to grow and change and surprises to discover.

  • The Forgotten Island is aimed at children aged 12 yrs and below.
  • The Forgotten Island is opened from 10am, Thursday to Monday – closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

Please note: The Forgotten Island has a limited capacity so that everyone has a quality experience.  To make sure you get your chance to experience it, get there early!  (Or you can book in advance through

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