3rd May 2015
Location: Clyde Auditorium
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The incredible Sixto Rodriguez is back in the UK for a handful of gigs in May 2015 including one in Glasgow!

Sixto Rodriguez perform his wonderfully anthemic music live in Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium on the 3rd of May 2015.

Sixto Rodriguez is an American folk and rock musician hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Born in 1942, he’s a talented singer-songwriter and guitarist, and is noted for his psychedelic blend of folk, rock and blues.

As any fans will know, Rodriguez boasts a rather unique story of success – he released two albums in his earlier years (‘Cold Fact’ in 1970 and ‘Coming From Reality’ the following year) that sold a handful of copies, but never found him major success.

Having toured Australia twice, he would retain a healthy following over there, but his biggest fanbase was without doubt in South Africa where he is even more popular than Elvis Presley, something Rodriguez was entirely unaware of until 1997, when two determined South African fans managed to find and contact him, leading to an unexpected revival of his musical career.

It is an incredible story that has now been turned into an Academy Award winning documentary: ‘Search for Sugarman’ – the story of two South African fans and their search over three decades to discover their hero – claimed two awards at the Sundance Film festival and the Audience award at Los Angeles and Durban Festivals. It’s a fairy-tale story of an amazing musician, extraordinary wordsmith & talented performer, his two albums, ‘Cold Fact’ & ‘Coming From Reality’ and the wonderful songs like ‘I Wonder’, Crucify Your Mind’ and the enduring anthemic ‘Sugar Man’.

42 years has passed since the release of his debut album Cold Fact, and finally, Rodriguez is getting the recognition and success he deserves. The film has launched Sixto Rodriguez into the global spotlight and he is now recognised across the US and UK – 30-40 years too late!

Catch him on British stages at his shows in London, Manchester and Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium in May 2015.

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