S Club 7


20th May 2015
Location: The Hydro
Tickets: £35 to £45sold out !
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In case you hadn’t heard, S Club 7 have reunited, and are playing Glasgow’s Hydro for one night in May! And we all know there ain’t no party like an S Club party!

Pop supergroup S Club 7 are back together after a 13 year break!

Formed in 1998 by former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, S Club 7 quickly rose to stardom starring in their own TV series, Miami 7. Despite breaking up in 2003 after just being together for 5 years, the band recorded four studio albums, released 11 singles, sold over 10 million albums worldwide, had four UK number-one singles, one UK number-one album, a string of hits throughout Europe and a top-ten single in the United States, Asia, Latin America and Africa!

In addition to all of this, S Club 7 won two BRIT Awards; one in 2000 for British breakthrough act and one in 2002, for best British single. And in 2001, the group earned the Record of the Year award.

Then, in 2003, they announced their split on stage in London.

Since then, all you S Club 7 fans may have Never Had A Dream Come True. Until now. Because they just got back together, and we all saw them perform as a group for the first time in years, on Children in Need last week.

And all you S Club fans will be very pleased to hear that the full band will be embarking on a comeback UK arena tour in May 2015: the Bring It All Back tour!

The seven pop stars – Rachel Stevens, Jo O’Meara, Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Bradley McIntosh, Jon Lee and Hannah Spearitt – have announced nine tour dates for next year in large venues across the country, including one night in Glasgow’s Hydro Arena.

They might all be a bit older, but so are we. That doesn’t matter, because they’re Bringing It All Back so we can Dance Dance Dance and Do It Till We Drop. As we all know, there Ain’t No Party Like An S Club Party, so Let’s All Reach For The Stars. And our keypads so we can buy tickets.

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