Jeff Dunham

29th April 2014

Location:  Clyde Auditorium

Tickets:£28.50 to £32.50sold out !
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Jeff Dunham and his suitcase posse are coming to Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium this April as part of his massive upcoming tour: Disorderly Conduct!

Jeff Dunham is a genuine entertainment phenomenon with an international reach that includes record-breaking television specials, staggering DVD sales over 4 million (and counting), half a BILLION views on You Tube, an international tour expected to gross $45 million overall, his own merchandise company that enjoys brisk sales of nearly 50 Dunham items and television specials and series which have been the highest rated programming in Comedy Central history.

He published a memoir, which quickly became a New York Times bestseller in 2010.  He is the most popular comedian on MySpace and has over 5.3 million Facebook fans.

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In the course of his career, comedian Jeff Dunham has proven that a ventriloquist can have huge mainstream success.  Dunham and his “suitcase posse” have sold out clubs and theatres the world over and yielded three popular stand-up specials.

According to Pollstar, he is the top grossing touring comedian in the world for the past two years (#45 overall tour in the world for 2010) and is the highest grossing touring comedian in the United States for the past three years (#25 overall tour in the United States for 2010).  His character Achmed The Dead Terrorist has become a worldwide phenomenon over the past three years, with his catchphrase “Silence! I Kill You!” selling millions of ringtones.

Dunham’s act consists mostly of banter between himself and his characters, each of whom has a distinct comic personality created and built by Dunham himself.  They include:

  • Walter – An old and out of touch curmudgeon who’s outspoken about the things he hates.
  • Achmed The Dead Terrorist – a failed suicide bomber.
  • Peanut – A hyperactive purple “woozle,” a cross between a monkey and an alien.
  • Jose Jalapeno On a Stick – a talking jalapeno pepper who punctuates most of his sentences with the phrase “on a stick.”
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