Go Back for Murder

Go Back for Murder Glasgow18th November 2013 to 23rd November 2013

Location: Theatre Royal Glasgow

Tickets: £10.00 to £35.00 Buy Tickets

Now in its eighth thrilling year, the Agatha Christie Theatre Company presents a production of the queen of crime’s classic Go Back For Murder at the Theatre Royal Glasgow.

Suspects, secret, and suspense abounds in this new production of Go Back For Murder starring Liza Goddard (Bergerac, Give Us A Clue), Sophie Ward (BBC’s Land Girls, ITV’s Heartbeat), Robert Duncan (Drop the Dead Donkey), Gary Mavers (Peak Practice) Lysette Anthony (Three Up, Two Down, ITV’s Night and Day) and Ben Nealon (Soldier, Soldier).

Carla Le Marchant learns a disturbing family secret; her mother, Caroline Crale, died in prison after being convicted for poisoning her father. Caroline leaves an intriguing legacy in the form of a letter professing her innocence and, believing this to be true, Carla is determined to clear her mother’s name. Enlisting the help of Justin Fogg, Carla searches out all the players from her tragic history and brings them back to the scene of the crime to uncover the truth.

Go Back For Murder is the play adaptation of Agatha Christie’s original novel ‘Five Little Pigs’ which was first published in 1942. The book featured Hercule Poirot, but Christie edited Poirot out of the story for the 1960 play adaptation replacing him in the story by a young lawyer named Justin Fogg, son of the lawyer who led Christine Crale’s defence.