Live Roller Derby! Glasgow Roller Girls vs Central City Rollergirls!

27th March 2010

Location:  The ARC Sportscentre, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow

Tickets:  On sale soon

“The Violence of the Slams” – Glasgow’s Irn Bruisers play host to CCR’s Belles of Centrinnians and GRG’s Maiden Grrders play CCRs Slay Belles.

Fresh off their exciting win at Leeds, Central City’s Belles of Centrinnians head up north to Glasgow, bringing their second team, the Slay Belles along for the ride.  This is the first time Glasgow Roller Girls have played CCR so it’s shaping up to be a great game!

Roller Derby is a full contact, all-female sport played on quad-style roller skates with skaters racing around a flat, oval track with scoring points as certain players lap members of an opposing team.  It’s a fast, fun and dynamic sport – the fastest growing grassroots sport in the UK – don’t miss out!


Tickets will be on sale soon:  see for more information.  Check website for updates, or you can follow the Glasgow Roller Girls on facebook or twitter.